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Since the creation of this website (1st September 2008) - Ys Retired of UK  bi-monthly newsletters have been archived by date.  Please touch on the link below to access recent archived copies - enjoy the read - David H Smith - Editor

Sep 2008.pdf            Nov 2008.pdf            Jan 2009.pdf            Mar 2009.pdf            May 2009.pdf

Jul  2009.pdf             Sep 2009.pdf            Nov 2009.pdf           Jan 2010.pdf             Mar 2010.pdf

May 2010.pdf            Jul 2010. pdf             Sep 2010.pdf           Nov 2010.pdf            Jan 2011.pdf

Mar 2011.pdf   May 2011.pdf            Jul 2011.pdf             Sep 2011.pdf            Nov 2011.pdf

Jan 2012.pdf             Mar.2012.pdf            May 2012.pdf           Jul 2012.pdf              Sep 2012.pdf

Nov 2012.pdf           Jan 2013.pdf             Mar 2013.pdf             May 2013.pdf           July 2013.pdf

Sep 2013.pdf            Nov 2013.pdf            Jan 2014.pdf             Mar 2014.pdf           May 2014.pdf

Jul 2014.pdf              Sep 2014.pdf    Nov 2014.pdf           Jan 2015.pdf             Mar 2015.pdf

May 2015.pdf July 2015.pdf              Sep 2015.pdf           Nov 2015.pdf            Jan 2016.pdf

Mar 2016.pdf           May 2016.pdf             July 2016.pdf           Sep 2016.pdf             Nov 2016.pdf

Jan 2017.pdf           Mar 2017.pdf              May 2017.pdf           July 2017.pdf             Sep 2017.pdf

Nov 2017.pdf

Welcome especially to those who have given service to the YMCA, in whatever capacity.


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