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Y's Retired of UK

YMCA retirees of UK

Photo Gallery

YMCA Women's Auxiliary YMCA Women's Auxiliary Queen Mary inspects the new Tea Vans 34839182 Queen Mary inspecting the YMCA Tea Vans 34839130 Queen Mary visits a London YMCA 34839171 Crowds come to see the inspection by Queen Mary. 34839129 Queen Mary awarding WA staff 34839173 Women's Auxiliary Ladies meeting 34839131 Queen Mary having tea at YMCA Tea Van 34839160 Queen Mary visits the troops 34839170 Queen Mary visits a London YMCA 34839172 Crowds come to watch Queen Mary with the new YMCA Tea Vans 34839184 YMCA canteen and nursing staff 34839133 Letter of thanks to WA staff 34839134 serving food and tea from a YMCA Tea Van 34839135 Ready and open - waiting for soldiers to arrive by train 34839136 soldiers reading books outside mobile library 34839137 Tea and dougnuts for all 34839138 Soldiers at YMCA Canteen 34839162 WA helpers in Brunswick Street after the bombing raids of December 1940 34839163 WA staff outside YMCA canteen 34839164 WA leaders outside YMCA Canteen 34839165 WA staff serving the troops - Barwell Camp 34839166 soldiers relaxing in YMCA canteen 34839167 Thank you letter to WA staff 34839168 YMCA car allocated to Women's Auxiliary 34839174 Adapted Austin for a WA Tea Van 34839175 getting ready for our troops 34839176 Troops relaxing in a YMCA canteen 34839177 Troops lining up for a cuppa at Bovington YMCA hut in Lincolnshire 34839178 Queen Mary inspecting new YMCA Tea Vans 34839183 Main WA Leaders Group 34839179 YMCA Tea Van available to bomb blasted city streets 34839180 Cuppa for soldiers and home guard 34839181 Troops and WA outside house in Brunswick Street 34839185 WA staff in front of YMCA Tea Van 34839186 Anglo-American YMCA Servicemen's Club 35267457 Sir Arthur Keysall Yapp CBE - National Secretary of the YMCA 35267458 soldiers enyoying a welcomed cuppa 35267459 YMCA canteen in France 35267460 Duke of Kent - YMCA supporter 35267461 Very early Tea Van in France - 1st World War 35267462 YMCA Tea Vans ready to go 35267463 Lay John Manners and Mrs Tillotson 35267464 FT Chamberlain CBE YMCA National Secretary 35267465 FT Chamberlain CBE YMCA National Secretary 35267466 WA Thankgiving service with the Duchess of Kent 35267467 Sir George Williams, founder of the YMCA 35267468 YMCA Tea Van in Algeria 35267469 Plaque forDame Joan Marsham 35267470 YMCA Tea Van with the Mayorial party in Coventry 35267471 35267472 Sir George Williams, Founder of YMCA 35267473 Two airmen enjoying a cuppa 35267474 First YMCA Charity shop in Plymouth 35267475 Group of WA staff outside YMCA Hut in occupied France 35267476 WA Ladies visit Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth House 35267477 HH Princess Victoria, 1st President of WA 35267478 HH Princess Victoria 35267479 Duchess of Kent visits resident of Weaver House, Bedford YMCA 35267480 Duchess of Kent, President of WA 35267481 The Royal Family 35267482 Lady Rodney leaves for Paris 35267483 Princess Mary Louise 35267484 Two East End urchins beside YMCA Tea Van 35267485 YMCA Flying Fortress somewhere in Norfolk 35267486 YMCA Flying Fortress somewhere in Norfolk 35267487 Main Entrance to London YMCA, Gt Russell Street 35267488 Main library, London YMCA, Gt Russell Street 35267489 YMCA Tea Van 35267490 YMCA railway wagon 35267491 Duchess of Kent at Thankgiving Service 35267492 1st World War YMCA poster 35267493 The YMCA Windmill, on the German Autobahn 35267494