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The business of the Association is run by a voluntary group of APS members who are elected by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting. The Officers of a President, Vice President, Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary and up to 9 committee members generally meet 4 times per year to progress the association’s objectives. They report to the membership at the Annual Business meeting, by electronic mail, Ys Talk and direct mailings as appropriate.


  • Staff are eligible for membership of the YMCA Association of professional staff if they;
  • Are employed by the YMCA or seconded to the YMCA working a minimum of three hours per week in a paid position or who are students pursuing a course of study and who intend to seek employment within the YMCA as a staff person on completion of their course.
  • Accept the Aims and Purposes of the YMCA.(You should also refer to the current mission statements of your local association and relevant National Council)
  • Desire to unite in association with colleagues who work as professional staff members in the YMCA of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • Are committed to the objectives of the APS as laid out in the Associations Constitution
  • Hold a current membership either individual or through your employing association corporate subscription
  • Retain their membership of the Association only so long as their fees have been fully paid and they continue in employment as professional staff of the YMCA.
  • On retirement from YMCA employment, shall be entitled to remain as Honorary Members of the Association but shall not be eligible to vote or hold office. 


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Welcome especially to those who have given service to the YMCA, in whatever capacity.


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